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Webcomic update- Bunny

This has been awhile, and I apologise for my tardiness. Anyhow!
I have been browsing through podcasts lately and, I found an interview with bunny's creator- Lem!

How exciting. But the interview was a little drab I have to say...Lem kept saying "ummm" and kept open questions very 'closed', if one gets my drift. But It's worth a listen, if you have time on your hands!

Click me for interview :D

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Debate of the opinions #1

Ok Ok, this is absolutely random BUT yes, more trivia is needed in our lives. Honestly.

Invisibility vs Popularity?


I say go invisibility! Not having company of other people wouldn't be that nice BUT what's life without subtly doing the 'pink panther walk' to steal....WATERMELONS? Melons vs bring noticed? Go the melons I say, hmm?

Voice out your opinion with yer comments, arr!

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Best Green Stripy Fruit

Hello community!
How is every one on this marvelous night?
Watermelons, those thought inspiring stripy green fruits, they are fruits right?One can never be sure these days. All the watery goodness. In exactly the right gigantic pregnant proportions for a drawn out snack, whist walking along the beach of course. Yummschous. I wish i had a watermelon tree. Seeds I shall save! Yippeeness.
You can never seem to go wrong with watermellons, they appear to taste good with anything, well maybe not with melted cheese.
In short, Go the watermellons of the world!
Dammit watermellon cravings again.

[Is this an ok community post? im kinda nervous]
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